Dull Women's Club banana heart pin

Dull Women's Club banana heart pin


I am a member of the "Dull Women's Club". It's a wonderful friendly group of like-minded women who find fascination in small things in life. (It's my favourite group on Facebook). Recently someone suggested having a badge so members could find each other 'in the wild' and feel safe in the company of another lady who finds joy in the things others consider dull.

One of the things often posted with pictures is a "banana for scale" or a reason why there were no bananas available and it has become a running joke in the community. Therefore, our symbol of solidarity had to include bananas. On this badge, fellow dull women will be fascinated to know that even the font used is called "bananas" ( because those little details matter).

I am designer and product printer and make all the merchandise for the fabulous kindness community which I run, to make the world a kinder place. Therefore, as soon as people wanted a pin badge I was on the case, designing one especially for us dull women. Interestingly, being chronically ill, I'm often in bed very early but this project had me up, buzzing with excitement at uniting dull women everywhere. I saw 1am for the first time in a long time. That shows how dull my life is normally lol. 

The design is exclusively available here. It is designed, sublimation printed, pressed and assembled into a metal heart pin by my own dull hands in the UK. 

When choosing shipping options please select international shipping if you are outside of the UK.

All proceeds will go to Kindness Community CIC to help people struggling with their physical or mental health.