Wellbeing Themed Kindness Kit. Positivity Gift Care Package. Letterbox Gift

Wellbeing Themed Kindness Kit. Positivity Gift Care Package. Letterbox Gift


Kindness Kits self-care packages are a box of gifts that promote kindness, wellbeing, mindfulness, creativity, motivation, inspiration and love. Perfect uplifting letterbox friendly care parcel for friend or family to let them know you are thinking about them. Each item in the box can also be regifted to spread kindness around the world.

Buying our Kindness Kits helps the Kindness Community CIC send Kindness Kits for free to nominated people in need.

Kindness Kits care parcels are perfect pick me up gift boxes to physically send kindness to people who need it (via their letterbox)! Times are tough and kindness is needed more than ever. The Kindness Kits include a range of products that promote kindness, spread joy, motivate, inspire and share love with the recipient. All items in the kits have been lovingly designed for the Kindness Community with contributions from other kind-hearted creatives and small businesses. There is so much evidence that doing good makes us feel good and that is what we hope these kits will inspire people to do. Every item in the kit is ideal for gifting to a friend, family member or even giving as a random act of kindness to make a stranger smile. Those acts of kindness can be shared in the Kindness Community to inspire others to help share kindness around the world.

Every kit has a focus on well-being through a combination of mindfulness, creativity, self-care and items such as uplifting cards and postcards aimed at boosting kindness connections. This is ideal in the current climate where many of us are feeling lonely and missing interactions with others. We also try to focus on being kind to the environment. Our products are backed on recycled card, the boxes can be recycled and we favour products that are kind to the planet too.

This limited edition WELLBEING Kindness Kit contains:

- A ‘tough cookie’ sticker by Lilith’s Lair

- Crocheted mini hearts to share and show you care by The Crafty Feline

- Shine like the star you are’ badge made with help from Achy Shaky Art

- Coaster with ‘Be the reason someone smiles today’ artwork by Adorable Print Design

- Release the pressure’ poem print (ideal for framing by Laura Hope Cordell

- Kind people are our kinda people’ postcard with artwork by Hazel Dawn Illustrations

- Be kind to the planet eco friendly tips for a happy planet postcard

- Bring your own sunshine on a rainy day and life will be full of rainbows’ art postcard

- Mindfulness Moment ‘Put your troubles in bubbles’ plus tube of bubbles to enhance the experience!

- Kindness card full of social media info

- Help and support services card

- Kindness tips from Spiffy

- 10 keys to happier living from Action for Happiness

- Stories of the featured artists Tracy Moorhouse, Lilith Cheetham and Laura Cordell plus the story of the Kindness Community.

The Kindness Community shares kindness and eco-friendly products and projects too. Our shop sells lots of lovely environmentally conscious gifts which all raise money for the Kindness Community CIC and enable us to do more good work helping people in need. We’d love you to join us.

The Kindness Community CIC was set up to make the world a kinder place. We share kindness, love, positivity, hope and joy with our members in our free Kindness Community Facebook group. Every sale raises money to help empower our community to come together to share kindness around the world. Money raised also helps us to fund sending Kindness Kits for free to nominated people in need. They are especially valuable for people struggling with their physical or mental health or going through hard times.


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