Craft Market for Kindness Community

Craft Market for Kindness Community

per virtual stall

The Craft Market for Kindness Community is back by popular demand this August in time for Summer fun, back to school and your all important personal occasions all year round.

I run the market voluntarily so all stall fees (after paypal fees) goes directly to Kindness Community CIC to help people struggling with their physical or mental health.

As soon as you've bought your stall, head to and do an introduction post letting everyone know what you offer. No sales posts will be approved until the Market starts on 1st August at 9am.

Top reasons to join our market

1. It's for a great cause (helping people struggling with their their physical or mental health)

2. We don't take commission

3. No individual listing fees

4. No limit on sales posts. List unlimited items

5. List 24/7 at your convenience.

6. No ongoing subscription or commitment (but most sellers love it so much they join every market)

7. You get free promotional artwork to use on socials to entice customers

8. I promote the market heavily

9. Chance to be featured to thousands of potential customers across the world on our socials. (Currently around 10k audience).

10. Get new customers and make new friends.


1. Post a nice clear picture of what you're selling add description, price, postage cost and how to pay eg PayPal. If it's handmade to order please let people know how long it will take to make.

2. If you have a link to buy your product on etsy,, folksy, facebook page etc feel free to post that for an easy sale and full info to save retyping.

3. You are permitted to just post links / share into the group BUT this is unlikely to get you sales as people want to see what they are buying and are highly unlikely to click a long spammy looking url.

4. I market this event lots including on live radio BUT I cannot sell for you all. You need to invite people to the group, interact with customers and share the group too. The more we all do this, the better it is for everyone.

5. If you see something you like, comment or tag someone you know who will love it. If everyone does this, everyone feels good and gets more exposure and more potential sales.

6. Please only post items for sale if you have paid for your virtual stall. We don't use stall numbers as it's just something else to remember but I have a list of everyone's payments so please don't be offended if I check with you the name you paid with if you are selling as a business name etc it's only fair if everyone pays and it's just £7.50 That's only 24p a day. Remember, I take zero for all the work I do. All proceeds go to Kindness Community CIC to help people struggling with their physical or mental health.

7. Post your item and price. 1st person to agree to buy gets the item and you send them payment info etc, get their address and post it to them (you can offer local collection too but be aware most people in the group will be from all over the UK)

8. We take no commission or extra listing fees per item so you keep whatever you make. Be aware that PayPal/ stripe/ etsy etc will still take their fees for processing payments.

9. All sales are between buyers and sellers. If you have questions about items please get all details before purchasing. It is the seller's responsibility to ensure they follow the safety regulations for their products. This is especially important for food, candles, body products and toys. No copyright or trademark items allowed. By buying a stall, you agree to abide by this.

10. Be kind, support each other, follow each other on socials etc and have fun!

As soon as you've paid you can head over to and do an introduction post letting everyone know what you offer and add all your social media links. (No stall number needed).

Then invite all your friends, family and customers. You'll find all the included marketing materials on the feed. If you get stuck just message me on facebook Laura Hope Cordell.

This is a virtual market run in a pop up Facebook group. Please select virtual stall at checkout not postage. No physical products will be sent. Please select virtual stall at checkout so you don't pay postage.

Thanks for joining us. We look forward to seeing your creations.