Request a FREE mental health support pack

Request a FREE mental health support pack

CLICK HERE to request a FREE mental health pack. 2 example packs are pictured.

We fundraise all year to enable us to send packs like these for free to people in need. Each pack is put together with love by volunteers and sent with kindness direct to your door.

Waiting lists for mental health support are growing longer and longer and often nothing is available while you wait. While these packs are in no way a substitute for professional counselling, therapy or mental health support, we hope they will provide a glimmer of hope if you're having a tough time.

We buy these resources as pads from various awesome suppliers. They are linked below so that you can go and purchase whole pads of the ones that work for you:
Adorable Print Design
Happy Post Boutique
Self Love Rainbow

If you feel you are in crisis and need urgent mental health support, click here for more options.

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